Dear Baby Suzie...

Listen here young'n

First & foremost...your parents are always right. Yep. You heard it. It's true. I'll save you some time fighting with them now that you know.

Here are a few other fun facts to help you out:

  • Stop sneaking out. You're not good at it and you're going to get caught. Multiple times.

  • Quit trying so hard. People like you and the ones that don't grow up to be fat and unhappy. You're welcome.

  • Don't worry about keeping the shitty friends. You'll make better ones.

  • You're gonna have your heart broken...a lot. But it'll make you better. Don't become jaded.

  • Be more daring with your fashun! Have fun and enjoy!

  • Don't be afraid to say YES! Or "no" at times. You don't need to impress everyone.

  • Don't be so self-conscious. You are beautiful, from your crooked teeth to your funny elf ear.

  • Please DON'T dress like Avril Lavigne...that punk stage was NOT a good look for you.

  • Wear your hair down more (and learn to part it). 1) because it looks better and 2) you look like a founding father with it in a ponytail

  • SLOW DOWN. Things get better. You're gonna have some hard times. They'll push you to the brink. Don't give up.

Love yourself!

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