Dear Baby Katy...

Dear Younger Me -

There are so many things I wish I could tell you...I know you probably wouldn't have listened, but that's because you're a stubborn brat.

The first and most important thing is that YOU ARE NOT FAT! You weigh less than 100 lbs! EAT SOMETHING!!! You are going to spend so much time & heartache thinking you are fat, that something is wrong with you and your body...but you are bones! You look, feel, and act better with a little more weight, I promise.

I would also like to tell you that you are SO MUCH COOLER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! Seriously, you are amazing — smart, funny, cute, an excellent (v. patient) friend. Don't try to be like those ass hats you go to school with. You're better than that. But, please stop getting razored's too much. (P.S. Please say hello to Ryan in homeroom...he will badger you about not doing so for literally the rest of your life.) (P.P.S. YOU MARRY RYAN ELLER!!! HAHAHAHA!!!)

You make so many mistakes in college....just so many terrible mistakes:

  • Major in literally anything but English

  • Don't date anyone with an eyebrow ring

  • You cannot handle grain alcohol

  • Don't let your weird summer boyfriend follow you back to school

  • Don't be shitty to your two best friends because of the weird are going to miss the fuck out of them

  • Just wear condoms for fucks sake

  • Don't take a semester of withdrawals because you're depressed

  • Anti-depressants are so good

  • Anti-anxiety medicine is even better

  • Don't lend people money, don't expect people to pay you back

  • NO CREDIT CARDS!! (Except the one you used for your braces, that one is ok)

You don't stop making mistakes in adulthood, in fact, you repeat so many of them it's stupid.

  • Take your fucking meds

  • Still not fat!!

  • No credit cards!!!

  • 1/3 of all pregnancies end in, just be prepared for that

  • You can't drink clear liquor...stop trying

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